Donations now being accepted

I have decided to start accepting Bitcoin donations, with the goal of being able to rent a dedicated server. The server will be used for hosting and distribution of our releases, through BitTorrent as well as XDCC on Rizon and Xertion.

The way it currently stands, I almost single-handedly seed most releases from my own PC, with a few exceptions. I’m seriously running low on disk space, and could really use a hand with this. A server is the perfect solution to all the problems, and would increase download speeds for everyone. It would also save me quite a bit of disk space and would allow me faster speeds for personal things in my everyday life, like web browsing and streaming YouTube videos (something I haven’t done at all recently).

With enough donations, I could rent multiple servers for even faster download speeds. The servers I have my eye on are all fairly decent, at a relatively low cost. Any and all donations will be used intelligently, and never for personal reasons. I will NEVER order a pizza or go to the cinema on your dime. Also, I will continue paying for most of the content I release out of my own pocket. A lot of it is from my own collection and I order it because I want it it myself.

New Domain and Website

Welcome to the new iLC website, thanks for visiting.

This post will serve as a big update to inform you of what’s to come. The blog will mostly serve to update everyone about new releases, but there will be a little bit of unrelated content (but not too much).

First off, the IRC channels:
#iLoveCatgirls on Rizon
#iLoveCatgirls on Xertion
(I always have a bouncer connected to these channels.)

We also have a Discord server you can join to be updated on releases.

All, or at least the vast majority, of our encoded releases will be deleted and replaced. This is because my PC hates avisynth. I am currently looking to recruit an encoder willing to take on such a large project. Until I find an encoder, I will be sticking to non-encoded content like ISOs.

For the most part, I am looking to fill 2 main positions:
Encoder: MUST be able to filter video through avisynth to 10bit H.264
Translator: MUST be a native Japanese speaker and at least speak conversational level English
(Your English doesn’t have to be perfect, just good enough for me to understand and fix.)

Once I have a good/permanent Japanese->English translator, I will begin recruiting translators for as many other languages as possible.

Visit iLoveCatgirls on Anidex to browse and download our releases.