Donations now being accepted

I have decided to start accepting Bitcoin donations, with the goal of being able to rent a dedicated server. The server will be used for hosting and distribution of our releases, through BitTorrent as well as XDCC on Rizon and Xertion.

The way it currently stands, I almost single-handedly seed most releases from my own PC, with a few exceptions. I’m seriously running low on disk space, and could really use a hand with this. A server is the perfect solution to all the problems, and would increase download speeds for everyone. It would also save me quite a bit of disk space and would allow me faster speeds for personal things in my everyday life, like web browsing and streaming YouTube videos (something I haven’t done at all recently).

With enough donations, I could rent multiple servers for even faster download speeds. The servers I have my eye on are all fairly decent, at a relatively low cost. Any and all donations will be used intelligently, and never for personal reasons. I will NEVER order a pizza or go to the cinema on your dime. Also, I will continue paying for most of the content I release out of my own pocket. A lot of it is from my own collection and I order it because I want it it myself.

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