New Host (Bulgaria)

I have moved the site to a new server. Instead of shared hosting in the US&A, we are now located on an anonymous VPS in Bulgaria.
In addition, I am also working on a system for images to be hosted on other servers. In other words, the images will be hosted closer to the visitor.
The “image servers” will be Canada- and France-based VPSes, to take some load off of this server and improve load times.

What does this mean for you? Better security and privacy. We now have better encryption with a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate.
I think BDRyan/IkarosBD deserves the credit for this, having been the one who got me into Let’s Encrypt.
What does this mean for me? Freedom of speech and content. No more worrying about the dreaded DMCA.

This server alone costs $50 every 3 months, and I’d like to upgrade to get better performance. Donations would be very helpful.
Adding the image servers will only increase my costs. Please help me upgrade to a dedicated server. I can’t do it without your support.
I will update the donation page with a BTC address that will change periodically, so supporters may donate anonymously.
The address will be attached to a Bitcoin mixer and I will NOT see the address the transaction was sent from.

Images might start to be hosted on until I get the image servers up and running.

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