DDoS Protection and Caching CDN

I have just finished applying a DDoS-protecting CDN to the site. Although the site now geolocates to the US&A, we are still hosted in Bulgaria.

This benefits me in the following ways:
-An added layer of protection, concealing the server’s true IP address.
-Minimal downtime due to DDoS attacks.
-The firewall should prevent idiots and their bots trying to break into the admin panel.

This benefits you in the following ways:
-The caching will speed up your page loading. Most, if not all, static content is cached. This includes images, CSS files, and JS files.

I’m sorry it’s taking me so long to proper my old releases, I just have so many side projects on the go. I don’t have much time for encoding lately, but I will be back in the game eventually. I might put out a couple OVAs to hold you all over until then.