iLoveCatgirls needs your help!

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To stay active and online, we need your help. We have decided to accept donations from grateful users who appreciate our content and want to support us. Our goal is to hopefully get between USD $250-300/month to pay for (a) dedicated server(s) to host our website and distribute our releases.

Believe it or not, the leader of the group (iLoveCatgirls) seeds many of our releases single-handedly on his own computer. This is far from ideal.

With a dedicated server, we would also be able to setup XDCC bots for distributing in our IRC channels (#iLoveCatgirls on Rizon and Xertion) for users of those networks.

Personal Info

Unfortunately, we are only able to accept Bitcoin.

If you have any reason to be completely anonymous with your donation, you may send a transaction right to one of my mixer addresses: 1HyUVDyY62EKJvYAL4zz13VUn6tK1a3QqZ
This address will be updated periodically, make sure you donate to the current address or it will not be received.